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New Collectible Hero Strategy RPG Heir of Light CBT Coming Soon

Date: Sep 03 2017 Views: 88

According to the South Korean company Gamevil, the new RPG Heir of Light (빛의 계승자), slated for release on mobile in 2017, will begin closed beta test on September 6th.

Heir of Light is the second title made by South Korean developer Funflow, the creator of the hit mobile ARPG that has reached over 30 million downloads worldwide.


The gameplay is heroes collecting tactical RPG. Players will be able to collect and foster heroes of five different classes, including defending, attacking and supporting, and enjoy smooth action-packed battles with stunning graphic display. 

Besides, Heir of Light will be full of rich storylines presented with unique world view, and allow players to explore and adventure on the radial world map freely, other than only providing linear stories like other games of its kind. That adds more fun and freedom of exploring to the game.


The closed beta test will be available from September 6th to September 15th for Android users. Android users can download Heir of Light on Google Play and participate in the CBT starting September 6th. Follow MoboPlay for more news.